Tradition for years…

Everything started long ago...

P.T. Acinti prima

Mainly handles the agency of beverages, especially fresh fruit juices, coffee, catering to hotels, restaurants, cafes, catering co and other institution with mass serving in beverages. We also have products distributed to the the retail market such as hypermarkets and supermarkets. Most of the product we are handling are chilled and frozen products, except the coffee beans and Equal Sweetener for hospitality market. Products are imported as well as locally produced.

SUNFRESH Fruit Juices, DOUWE EGBERTS Coffee and EQUAL Sweetener are among the brands we are handling. We have been experienced for 20 years and have rendered reputation in the industry for our high quality products and services satisfaction for most costumers.

We mainly cover the Indonesian market and have branches and sub branches in most parts of the archipelago. Team of marketing staff, training experts and mechanics give visits to all of our costumers regularly.

Our Motto!

We are responsible to every cup of Juice or coffee you drink

We work with taste!

P.T. Ciracasindo Perdana

Our subsidiary company, is responsible for all the physical distribution of SUNFRESH Juice, DOUWE EGBERTS Coffee and EQUAL Sweetener all over Indonesia and have branches in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogya, Surabaya and Bali. We also employ sub agents in Balikpapan, Samarinda, Banjarmasin and Ujung Pandang, that each have all the necessary facilities such as chilled and frozen storage, refrigerated trucks, sales and mechanical staffs to support costumers service satisfaction.

P.T. Ciracasindo Perdana also has production facilities to produce and bottling fruit juices at the outskirt of Jakarta.

High Quality selective products and good costumer services handling is the final destination of P.T. Acinti Prima and P.T. Ciracasindo Perdana. We are very much concerned of what the costumers of hotels request or anyone buying the range of our products. All of them will be satisfied. As our motto goes “We are responsible to every cup of Juice or coffee you drink“.